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Brooklands Museum to host talk by Graham Rabagliati on the history of Connaught cars.

Photo of Lea-Francis P-Type

Lucy Reynolds Herefordshire Trial 2019 BSaturday 16 March saw the running of the annual Vintage Sports Car Club Herefordshire Trial. There were only two Lea-Francis among the entrants, although LFOC Club members were also competing, rather successfully in other cars, both Peter Tierney and Richard Houlgate were running their Austin 7s in the short wheelbase class and secured a 1st and 2nd class award respectively. Simon Bowyer also secured a 1st class award in his Model A Ford running in the long wheelbase class.

On this occasion neither Lea-Francis drivers, Roger Tolson and Lucy Reynolds managed to get into the awards.

The VSCC held its regular New-Year driving tests at Brooklands on 27 January 2019.

There was only a single Lea-Francis competing; the J-Type of Tobias Bruce. It is becoming more and more unusual to see these earlier models of Lea-Francis competing in events, so it is good to see this well known LFOC car being used this way. 

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