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Lea-Francis on YouTube

Title: Keith Poynter Tribute, posted Feb 6 2017. Duration: 27m. Quality: Good. Description: A brief glimpse into the world of the Lea Francis Owners Club as lead ably by our late great friend, past Chairman for 21 years and life member Keith Poynter 1932 - 2017 who recently died aged almost 85.
The video, filmed in 2003 by Ian & Jacquie Goldingham, shows Keith and his son Colin racing their Lea-Francis Hypers side by side at Mallory Park. Keith’s car is No.57 and he is wearing red overalls, while Colin’s is No.56 and he is wearing black overalls. By chance three of Keith’s usual playmates, Robin Toone (Alfa-Romeo, Red Car, Race No.42), Cyril Hancock (Fiat, Black Car, Race No.60) and Francis Spencer (Alvis, White Car, Race No.44) can also be seen mixing it with the Poynters as they often did.  The end part of the video is coverage of the Lea Francis Owners Club 50th Celebrations at Stanford Hall in June 2003 and the special prize giving of Long Service Awards to it’s eminent members including Keith.

Title: Britain Wins International Tourist Trophy Race 1928. Duration: 4m. Quality: Good, black & white. Description: A British Pathé archive clip showing scenes from the 1928 Ulster TT when Kaye Don won in Hyper 14053. The car was race number 24 and carried the Registration No. WK 6847. The car was later registered VC 5461 and was owned twice and raced by Tom Delaney and was bequeathed to the Coventry Transport Museum following Tom’s death in 2007. Don’s racing mechanic was Humphrey Pellew, seen at the end of the clip with Kaye Don receiving the trophy. A Hyper was fourth car away at the start, then go to 3m 02s and from 3m 17s to the end for specific shots of the winning car. Six Lea-Francis Hypers were entered with four finishing.
Go here for the Motor Sport report:

Title: Lea Francis Rally Broughton Castle 2016. Duration: 2m04s. Quality: Good, some camera shake. Description: A long panning shot at the June 2016 Lea-Francis Owners Club Annual Rally and Concours at Broughton Castle, showing almost the entire Lea-Francis attendance of 28 cars, plus one Unihorse tractor brought by Trevor Bradley, who also shot this clip, and one bicycle brought by John Hayes.

Title: Stanford Hall 2007. Duration: 4m 17s. Quality: Good, black & white. Description: A short film about the Stanford Hall Gathering of the Lea Francis Owners Club 2007 filmed by Barny Creaser.

Title: lea francis 2013. Duration: 10m 49s. Quality: Mixed, with French subtitles, music and sound but no commentary. Description: The 2013 Lea-Francis Owners Club Annual Rally filmed by Barny Creaser. Shows lots of Lea-Francis cars at Upton House and Broughton Castle.

Title: Lea Francis Brand Cars. Duration: 1m 40s. Quality: Mixed, with music that suddenly stops. Description: Collection of photos of mostly post-war cars, too many of a 14hp Sports dashboard. Some photos taken from lfoc.org.

Title: Planai Classic 2014 Lea Francis. Duration: 1m 29s. Quality: Excellent, with sound. Description: The 1927 Lea Francis P-Type of Christian & Margot Baier at the Planaihof, Schladaming, Austria after finishing the mountain trial, Planai Classic Rally 2014. Great shot of the car driving off in poor conditions.

Title: Lea Francis 1948 14hp Sports Roadster. Duration: 1m 05s. Quality: Good, with music. Description: Still photos of 14hp Sports for sale in April 2014 posted by Kennis Cars, Netherlands. First sold in Scotland, this car, Ch:7000, is now back in the UK and attended our 2015 Annual Rally. It is being returned to original specification.

Title: Lea Francis. Duration: 2m13s. Quality: 1985 home movie, music, no original sound. Description: Great home movie footage of a late 14hp 4-light saloon in Holland.

Title: Harewood Hillclimb June 2012 Lea Francis P Type.wmv. Duration: 1m33s. Quality: Home video, chatter. Description: Good long shot of Steve Jones in his 1928 P type ascending the hill.

Title: Hyper – A pair of 1928 Lea-Francis racers. Duration: 3m0s. Quality: Excellent. Description: Jeremy Brewster discusses the Lea Francis Hyper. A video by The Automobile Magazine in which Jeremy describes two Hypers, Ch:14051 and Ch:14128.

Title: The Meadows 4ED and the Lea-Francis Hyper. Duration: 7m48s. Quality: Excellent. Description: Also shot by The Automobile, this is a continuation of the film above in which Jeremy discusses the use of Meadows engines in Lea-Francis Hypers, their strengths and weaknesses and racing/driving ability.

Title: 1950 LeaFrancis Cabriolet RedBlk. Duration: 3m31s. Quality: Poor, commentary made while filming. Description: A walk around 2½ litre Sports Ch:5146 (LGU 312), owned by Barry Alexander, at a Florida car show in 2011. The commentary has a number of mild inaccuracies.

Title: Lea Francis Cars. Duration: 0m38s. Quality: Good, engine noises, no commentary. Description: Very short clip of a Lea-Francis drive-by on the Mauseturm Rally in Germany’s Middle Rhine during the LFOC trip to Bingen in September 2014. The lead car is Horst Meinert’s very attractive P type.

Title: Lea Francis Hyper. Duration: 0m6s. Quality: Fair, very short. Description: Jeremy Brewster rounds the final corner at Harewood Hill Climb in his Hyper Replica at the June 5th 2010 Classic & Vintage Meeting. Jeremy was Class Winner with a best time of 75.97 secs.

Title: Keys Aylsham Car Auction feat 1947 Lea Francis Car & Clarke Family 4th April 2009. Duration: 1m41s. Quality: Good. Description: News story after the sale of James Blanch’s collection of stored cars. Go to 1m0s to see LFOC Members Colin & Jenny Clarke interviewed after buying a 1947 14hp 4-light Saloon (car not shown).

Title: 1930 Lea-Francis Hyper Wiscombe Park 13/9/2008. Duration: 0m16s. Quality: Fair. Description: Terry Crabb rounds Sawbench Corner at Wiscombe Park in ERA R12C, not a Hyper to be seen.

Title: Prescott Hill Climb in a Lea Francis 21st July 2012. Duration: 1m34s. Quality: Excellent. Description: View from the passenger seat as Steve Jones tackles the Long Course in his 1928 P type 4-seater. Great sounds.

Title: VintageSportsCarGoodwood2012. Duration: 10m57s. Quality: Poor. Description: VSCC Goodwood Autumn Sprint October 2012, a walk round the Paddock. Go to 7m48s to see brief and poor shots of the three competing Lea-Francis Hypers belonging to Jeremy Brewster (31), Geoffrey Delaney (30) and Peter Tierney (28).

Title: Prescott Hill Climb 2012. Duration: 0m26s. Quality: Very poor but has ‘atmosphere’. Description: VSCC Speed Hill Climb August 2012. Jeremy Brewster’s 1928 Hyper Replica, Saturday Practice 2nd Run - Jeremy is Course record holder in his class, Standard and Modified Sports Cars 15001-2000cc unsupercharged and up to 1500cc supercharged.

Title: VSCC Vintage Welsh Trial 2010 Interesting Assortment. Duration: 4m37s. Quality: Fair, good sound. Description: Go to 2m35s for action from Jeremy Brewster in his 1930 P type 4-seater trials car.

Title: Kop Hill Climb 2014: Vintage motorcars in the paddock. Duration: 2m55s. Quality: Excellent. Description: Go to 1m0s for Peter Tierney with his 1930 Hyper Ch:14175.

Title: Motor Show (1960). Duration: 1m30s. Quality: Black & White, good. Description: Pathé News film with commentary. A very brief look at the Lynx, 30 seconds in.

Title: Peter Cook & Dudley Moore: Monte Carlo or Bust. Duration: 1/3, 6m10s; 2/3, 9m48s; 3/3, 6m49s. Quality: Low resolution. Description: Three film clips from the 1969 Paramount comedy Monte Carlo or Bust, directed by Ken Annakin, showing the 1929 Lea-Francis W type fixed head coupé crewed by Peter Cook (Major Dawlish) and Dudley Moore (Lt Barrington) as they fight their way across Europe to compete in the Monte Carlo Rally. Robin Sawers bought the car in 1970 from the film company, selling it to Roger East in 1987. It now has a 14hp post-war Lea-Francis engine and can still be seen at our Annual Rallies. In the first clip go to 2m35s for first shot of the car which then appears at various points throughout the three clips. The other car in these clips is a Mercedes SSK, but an Alvis Speed 20, Lancia Lambda, Peugeot 201, Bullnose Morris and a Blower Bentley were also used. This film was the sequel to Those magnificent Men in their Flying Machines (1965) and included Tony Curtis, Terry Thomas, Eric Sykes, Hattie Jaques, Susan Hampshire and Jack Hawkins in the cast.

Title: Beamish Reliability Trial 2015 Pt1. Duration: 2m45s. Quality: Excellent, good engine sounds. Description: Lea-Francis run-bys on the Beamsish Reliability Run June 21 2015. Go to 0m33s for Trevor Bradley’s 1950 14hp Estate followed by Gillian Creaser, 1948 14hp Sports.

Title: Beamish Reliability Trial 2015 Pt2. Duration: 2m22s. Quality: Excellent, good engine sounds. Description: Lea-Francis run-bys on the Beamsish Reliability Run June 21 2015. Go to 0m16s for Peter Baston in Hyper 14109 followed by Malcolm Hall in a 1948 14hp Sports

Title: Beamish Reliability Run 2015. Duration: 32m58s. Quality: Poor, chatter. Description: More Lea-Francis cars at a check-point on June 21 2015. Go to 3m20s for Ian Graham in his 1928 U-type 2 seater with a 14hp Sports in the background and then go to 19m45s for Peter Baston, 1929 Hyper, more 14hp Sports, Trevor Bradley’s 14hp Estate and Rod Holt in his 1952 14hp Special.

Title: 1948 - Lea-Francis 14HP Saloon - Essen Motor Show 2015. Duration: 1m52s. Quality: Good. Description: A walk-round a 1948 14hp 4 light saloon by Automobile Classics at the 2015 Essen Motor Show and uploaded on November 30th 2015.

Title: 1948 _ Lea Francis 14HP Saloon - Interior And Exterior - Walkaround ( Essen Motor Show 2015 ). Duration: 1m35s. Quality: Good. Description: This clip is identical to the one above, just a few seconds shorter.

Title: Lea Francis 14 hp70 saloon anno 1948. Duration: 13m43s. Quality: Good. Description: A walk-round this nice red/white 14hp 4 light saloon taken by Vittorio Pecoriello and uploaded on December 22nd 2015.

Title: Not a video, but Car and Classic website, where there are almost always Lea-Francis cars and items for sale

Title: Also not a video, but a link to the Internet Movie Cars Database showing search results for Lea-Francis cars in film and television. Click on each picture for more detail. Helpfully, Allan Lupton has been through most of them, posting accurate details of the cars shown.

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