As the slightly damp members who had persevered through the morning’s rain turned up for lunch at the designated pub prior to the scatter rally, the rain clouds started to part and this turned out to be the end of the rain and set the tone for what would be a great Lea Francis weekend.

Broughton 2019 1

Before the start of the Scatter Rally, a J-Type with two 14hp Sports Photo: Colin Poynter

Sarah had organised a brilliant scatter rally that proved a real challenge with some serious head-scratching, not only from the members taking part but also the public in the villages who couldn’t work out why, and I quote ‘’All these people in beautiful cars are driving around the area and keep stopping counting stuff on signs!’’. That said, huge fun was had by all. On behalf of myself and the members, thank you Sarah.

Broughton 2019 2

The overall winners of the Scatter Rally set off in their P-Type. Photo: Colin Poynter

Broughton 2019 3

The winners of the Much Park Street Experts class set off in their 14hp Sports. Photo:Colin Poynter

It was then back to the Holt Hotel for our AGM, which was done and dusted in the promised time so we could spruce up for our annual club dinner. The hotel had really stepped up their game and the food was delightful, with great service. With over 50 members enjoying the evening, the banqueting suite was abuzz with much laugher and motoring tales.

Broughton 2019 4

On the Sunday, members gathered at Broughton for our annual rally where our secretary, Rod, informed me that this was the best turnout in several years. We even had Phillip Rogers join us all the way from Australia! I assume this was the lure of the tea and cake in the marquee. Thank you to everyone who bought a cake with them, however, a special mention must go to Peter Cork and his cake (see picture below) to celebrate having owned his 14 Sports for 50 years that month.

Broughton 2019 5


With all our members’ vehicles on display, it was a stunning sight; this coupled with the enthusiastic driving tests, band and tea and cake made for a great day (which became the envy of the Aston Martin club who had also visited Broughton that day).

Judging commenced and was made difficult by the quality of vehicles on display- I say vehicles as it wasn’t just cars that won awards (note 1st Vintage Concours d'Elegance).

Broughton 2019 7

The Editor is of the, perhaps controversial, view the Lea-Francis bicycles were the finest machines the company designed and built. If you ever have the chance to view one close up, you most certainly should do so. Photo: Colin Poynter

Thank you to all of you that came along and made the weekend a success.

Finally, the proposed date of next year’s weekend will be 13th/14th June 2020. Add it to your diaries now.

Enjoy a happy summer of motoring.



Broughton 2019 6

Photo: Tom Baston

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