Late 14hpSaloon 12 2

For 1951 the four-light saloon body fitted to the 14hp ifs chassis was lowered by some two inches, the boot lid opened from the top instead of the bottom, the radiator was lowered, and the headlamps were recessed into the wings.


 Engine: Lea-Francis 1767cc, 70bhp
 Wheelbase: 9' 3"
Track 4' 4"

This body design was retained until the end of production of this most popular of Lea-Francis models in 1953.

Detail improvements to the mechanics continued to be made: a new recirculating ball-type steering box (less prone to wear), together with a vacuum advance distributor and revised water pump were introduced during 1951, but hydraulic brakes all round only came in March 1952, being fitted to the last 50 or so examples.

Of about 700 made, 48 remain in the Club.

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