The Lea-Francis Owners’ Club (LFOC) exists for all Lea-Francis owners and enthusiasts, whether your interest is cycles, motorcycles, cars, tractors or any other aspect of the marque.

This website provides information about the Club, and its activities as well as information about the Lea-Francis company and the range of Lea-Francis products that have been manufactured over the years.

If you are not a member and wish to join the Lea-Francis Owners' Club, whether you own a Lea-Francis, are looking to do so, or are just interested in the marque click here: Join Us

LFOC Club members who register to use the website gain access to additional resources on this site including access to digital copies of every past edition of The LeaFlet (the Club magazine), technical information and a Forum where matters Lea-Francis are discussed and debated. If you are an LFOC member and wish to register to gain access to the member-only areas of this website you may do so here: Registration

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