The Lea-Francis Owners’ Club exists to:

  • maintain the Lea-Francis marque in its proper eminent position in the motoring world, and to do whatever is possible to keep these vehicles on the road and in good condition;
  • organise social, motoring and competitive events;
  • enable members to discuss their vehicles and problems;
  • collect and disseminate information on Lea-Francis vehicles generally, with regard to their history and technical details, as well as the availability of spares.

Members and their cars participate in a wide range of Events each year, and a Club magazine. The LeaFlet is published every other month.

It is a club for all Lea-Francis owners and enthusiasts, whether your interest is cycles, motorcycles, cars or tractors

The Club is overseen by a small committee of volunteers who are elected each year at the Club's AGM. Details of the committee members may be found here: LFOC Committee

The Lea-Francis Owners' Club was formed in 1953 and a brief history of the Club is available here: The LFOC Story


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