14hp Westland 1948 50 1jpg

Just 29 examples were built of a graceful two-door fixed-head coupé on the 14hp chassis by the Westland company of Hereford in1948 and 1949.


 Engine Lea-Francis, 1767cc, 70bhp
 Wheelbase: 9' 3"
Track 4' 4"


Sadly, only three of them survive, two in the Club. The long front doors placed a considerable strain on the inadequate pillars, and there was the usual trouble with wood rot in the body frame.

In 1950 Westland also built this four-seater tourer on the 14hp ifs chassis; one of the two built survives in the Club (seen here). This is given a streamlined treatment similar to the Healey Westland, with only a narrow grill, so overheating can be a problem.

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