An early example of badge engineering, these cars were made by Vulcan Engineering of Southport, with whom Lea-Francis were associated. The motor cars looked impressive, but were a finacial disaster for Lea-Francis as the twin-camshaft 1LFS engine was poorly designed and unreliable.


 Engine: Vulcan 1696cc, 45bhp
Wheelbase 9' 9"
Track 4' 4"

The twin overhead camshaft engine looked impressive too, but the 1LFS had flaws including inadequate lubrication, while giving no more power than a less complex design, and with low gearing managed only 60mph. The handsome bodies included saloons, tourers and coup├ęs.

Lea-Francis spent much time and money repairing the first LFS engines under guarantee and fitting an additional oil pump. Vulcan later designed a much better two litre unit in 1927, the 2LFS, but it came too late to rescue the reputation of th emodel.

Of the 386 14/40s eight are thought to have survived (seven in the Club).

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