Bill Harrison's wonderful J-Type alongside three P-Types in the grounds of Broughton Castle

On Sunday, 10 June 2018, following the AGM and Navigational Scatter Rally the day before, the Lea-Francis Owners' Club held its Annual Rally in the grounds of Broughton Castle, Oxfordshire. Following the usual Concours and Driving Tests, the annual awards and awards for the weekend's competitions were presented.

Annual Rally Concours d'Elegance Results  
Directors' Trophy (best overall in concours): David Oliver
G T Andrews Trophy: (best new restoration):  Simon Rendall
Mike Lea Trophy (best Lea-Francis based special): Rod Holt
1st Vintage: Bill Harrison
1st Post Vintage: Peter Cork
Annual Rally Results  
Vintage long-haul award: John Follows
Post Vintage long-haul award: Trevor Bradley
Best car & occupants costume combination: Bill and Jo Harrison
Quiz Results  
1st: Sue Fowler
2nd Jo Harrison
Annual Awards  
L T Delaney Memorial (the promotion of Lea-Francis using a Lower Ford Street car) Bob Towell
Harry Spence Trophy (best performance in the year in a Lower Ford Street built car) Roger Tolson
Ken Rose (promotion of the post-war sports cars) Nigel Fowler
Albert Ludgate (services to the Club) Peter and Ann Cork with Andrew Baston and Jane
Cliff Wright (promotion of the 14hp) Stephen Chittock
Bill Boddy (awarded to the best LeaFlet article of 2017) Hugh Price for his article “Rene Cozette, Engineer and Inventor”



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