Brooklands Museum to host talk by Graham Rabagliati on the history of Connaught cars.


Last year, Graham Rabagliati and LFOC member, Duncan Rabagliati published a book on the history of Connaught Cars. The book, titled Send to Syracuse, details the manufacturers history from the humble beginnings of Continetal Cars of Send, Surrey, building sports cars based on the Lea-Francis 14hp Sports chassis, transmission and engine, to their winning of the 1955 Syracuse GP, where Tony Brooks became the first driver to win a GP in a British car since 1923.

Given the link Connaught had with Lea-Francis in their early days with the sports cars and later using the Lea-Francis engine as the basis for the engine in their single seater racing cars, the Lea-Francis Owners' Club wrote to Connaught to congratulate them on their win at Syracuse. Keith Poynter, then Editor of the Club newsletter, was delighted to receive a reply from Rodney Clarke, the driving force behind Connaught, expressing thanks for the Club's appreciation of what they had achieved.  

The Brooklands Museum are to host a talk by publisher Guy Loveridge and Graham Rabagliati on the history of Connaught. The event will be held in the Vickers Suite at the Brooklands Museum, 7.30pm on 6 June 2019. More details are available from the Brooklands Museum website here: Send to Syracuse, the Connaught Cars Story




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