1931 Ace of Spades front

In 1929 Lea-Francis designed a six cylinder engine of their own called the Ace of Spades after the shape of the timing case cover. Used in two different chassis configurations the cars did not sell well and proved less than reliable when new due in no small part to poorly designed inlet and exhaust tracts and a poor choice of carburettor.

 Engine: Lea-Francis 1991cc, six-cylinder ohc, 70bhp


 9' 3" (short-chassis 18,500 series)

9' 6" (long-chassis 20,000 series)

 Track 4' 2"

When running Lea-Francis’ own six was smooth running and good for around 80mph even when propelling a saloon body.

The first chassis were very similar to the P type, but longer and in a heavier gauge; later the shorter P type chassis was used. A new gearbox (the Duo) fitted, as well as a new plate clutch.

Body styles included saloon and tourer, as well as coupés. In 1932 an enlarged version called the 18hp was made, but never went into production.

50 long-chassis and 26 short-chassis cars were built, of which only four long chassis survive (three in the Club), and probably 3 short chassis (two in the Club).

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