J Type d

The 1926 range of cars saw a revised chassis fitted with various engines. With the Meadows 4EC engine, the chassis was designated the J-Type


 Engine: Meadows 4EC, 1496cc, 11.9hp, 28bhp
Wheelbase: 8' 9"
Track 3' 9"

Designed in late 1925, the 1926 Lea-Francis range saw a number of modifications being made to the chassis design. The newly designated J, K, L, M and N types kept the quarter-elliptic rear springs, hand-brake operating on the transmission and cone clutch of the earlier models, but with improvements such as stiffer rear cross-members and improved rear spring mounting. All models, except the G Type, now came with four-wheel brakes as standard.

 Fitted with the Meadows 4EC engine the chassis was classified the J Type and designated as the standard 12hp model. More J Types were built than any other single model of car at the Lower Ford Street works. Only the post-war 14hp saloon was made in higher numbers.

 Bodies for the J type were Avon four-seaters with two-seaters and coupes by Cross and Ellis. A few saloons were fitted by Vulcan and one or two bodies by Midland Motor Body Co.

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