Awarded annually, The Bill Boddy Trophy consists of a mounted tankard originally to Bill Boddy (editor of Motor Sport from 1936 to 1991) by the Lea-Francis Owners’ Club in 1987.

Our annual rally was held for many years at Stanford Hall and Bill Boddy attended in 1987 when we celebrated our 25th year of visiting. Following Boddy’s death in 2011, the Club had the opportunity to buy the tankard back.

The Bill Boddy Trophy is now awarded each year to the best article written by an LFOC member and published in the LeaFlet from the previous calendar year.

In the past this has been voted for by members at the club dinner at the annual rally in June. This year the Committee has decided to reinstate this tradition as well as allow those members unable to vote at the dinner to vote on the Club forum. Registered Club members can click here to vote.

The committeBill Boddy Trophye have selected our favourite two articles for you to pick from, they are as follows:

  • V-Type to Hyper Tourer – a Difficult Re-birth Part 1&2 by Ray Cowan – February and April 2023. LeaFlet Nos 249&350.
  • Taking the Low Road by Barny Creaser – April 2023. LeaFlet No 350.

We have selected them early, so you have time to refresh your memory by giving them another read. If you can’t find your LeaFlets from last year, panic not! Club Members who have registered on the website can access all previous LeaFlet under Digital LeaFlets once you have logged on.

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