The Club Chairman and Pre’37 Registrar took their S-Type to the West Berks Cars and Coffee (WBCC) event at Renegade Brewery, Yattendon, West Berkshire, on March 3 March 2024.

A cold, frosty, early morning run through some great Berkshire roads (despite the pot holes) followed by a rather good cooked breakfast and time spent with like-minded car enthusiasts.

WBCC is ran by enthusiasts for enthusiasts, designed to bring people from the area together no matter the vehicles age, condition or style. The range of vehicles present is extremely diverse. With the LeaF being probably the oldest car present this month.

West Berks Cars and Coffee is a monthly event and details can be found on their website, where you can buy tickets for future events, here:

The venue is excellent, with a lot of hard standing on which to park, although it does fill up early, and Renegade Brewery Tap Room is open for breakfast/brunch. Details of the brewery, which is always worth a visit for the great beer and very good food served in the Tap Room,  can be found here:

Well worth the visit. Lots of very interesting cars, very friendly people and great coffee.

@marcswhite has some videos on YouTube to give an idea of the event, his latest, from March is here: 


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