The LeaFlet is usually published six times a year and appears on or around the first of February, April, June, August, October and December. Occasionally special editions are produced outside this schedule. The deadline for submitting material in a useable digital format is the first week of the previous month (see below regarding other material). This gives the Editor time to edit and compile the document and our printer time to set up, print and distribute the magazine.

The Editor submits the magazine to the printers as a digital file and therefore, as long as it is to a high standard (see minimum standards below), submissions are preferred in digital format. Any material submitted as hardcopy will have to be converted to a digital format before it is used.

If you wish to submit material to be considered for publication in the LeaFlet, please send it to Editor (Hugh Price). Where ever possible please follow the submission guidelines below:

  • Written material should, ideally, be submitted as an MS Word file although RTF and most other digital formats can be accommodated.
  • Photos should be sent as separate individual files and not embedded in the text document.
  • Photos should be at least 1600 x 1200 pixels. Pixel dimension is the best indication the image contains the correct level of detail and resolution. However, if you don't have access to this information and as a rough guide, images submitted to be at least 300 dpi (dot-per-inch), which, in turn, means a 2" x 3" image will be at least 1MB in size, a 5×7 approximately 5-8 MB and a 9×14 >24 MB. If you are unsure about this please contact the Editor.
  • To repeat - please do not embed photos in Word or other text documents. Feel free to suggest where in the text you would like them to be placed, but send them as separate files.
  • Please be mindful of copyright laws and do not submit an image without receiving permission from the owner - please be clear about who owns the rights to the photo so appropriate credit can be given in the magazine.
  • Diagrams and line drawings should be treated in the same way as photographs, although a slightly lower resolution may be acceptable.
  • Physical photographs, prints and slides should be scanned at a high resolution (at least 300dpi) or contact the editor and send them to him and he will scan them at a suitable size and resolution and return them. Please send such items as early as possible to give time to scan and process the items.
  • Please note, prints from digital images cannot be accepted as these do not produce satisfactorily in the printing of the magazine.
  • Typed and hand-written material should similarly be submitted before the usual deadline to give time to transcribe it.


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