The LeaFlet is the magazine of the Lea-Francis Owners' Club, it has for many years been published six times per year, although in the earlier days of the Club the production was somewhat erratic at times. The magazine carries a range of technical, historical, social and motorsport-related articles as well as adverts, membership matters and updates on Club events and pub meetings etc. The current Editor of the LeaFlet is Hugh Price and he may be contacted via the contact form here: Editor (Hugh Price).

Details of how to submit material for consideration for publication in the LeaFlet may be found here: Submitting Material for the LeaFlet

LFOC members can register to gain Member-Only access to the website, which gives access to a wider range of resources including PDF versions of every copy of the CLub magazine. Members who are logged on to the site, will see at the bottom of this page a table with links to pages where PDF versions of previous LeaFlets are available for download.

When he was Editor, Allan Lupton produced an index of the contents of The LeaFlet, in the form of an Excel Spreadsheet. It has since been kept up to date and covers every edition, from the Club's first Bulletin to the latest edition of The LeaFLet.  A similar index has now been added, which solely focuses on information related to car items on maintenance. The Club is grateful to Rod Holt who continues to keep these documents up to date for the benefit of members looking for references to specific cars,  technical information or any aspect of material published in the LeaFlet over the years.



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